Advanced Myofunctional Trigger Point Release - This is wonderful therapy is great for restoring range of motion to the body. It is performed with medium to deep pressure, it incorporates trigger point, myofunctional movement and resistance stretching. This massage is for those who don't mind the pain for quicker results. It is required that you purchase a 90 min. massage to have this therapy as it is a intensive and slow paced therapy.

Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST) - Are you sick of headaches, jaw pain, anxiety and stress? Perhaps CST is the therapy you need to unwind. This therapy is not a typical massage. It is a gentle manipulation to the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, as it travels from the cranium to the sacrum and back. With light fingertip pressure tension is released from the skull and the face as well as the spine. The therapy does not require to client to undress, only to wear comfortable clothing.

Deep Tissue - This massage speaks for itself, it is deep. This massage is designed to flush the maximum amount of lactic acid from the muscles, so drink plenty of water and expect to be a little sore. It is also great for releasing those stiff and angry muscles. 

Injury Massage - No one has time to be injured, but sometimes injuries find time for us. This massage is designed for acute and recent injuries. It is performed at gentle to firm pressure because the body is already tender. The massage is focused mostly on the injured area and is executed with precision at the muscle attachment sites and joints. To ask if this would be good for your injury just send us a message on the contact page

Pregnancy Massage - This massage is designed for soon to be mamas, pregnancy is tough and the body definitely complains. Pregnancy massage is a safe massage with safety and comfort in mind. It is performed with gentle to firm pressure, and does not require the client to lay on their belly or back. (PLEASE BRING A 1 OR 2 OF YOUR FAVORITE PILLOWS SO YOU CAN BE COMFY)

Reflexology - This therapy is focused on the reflex/nerve points in the feet, to stimulate the entire body. Not only does reflexology help improve your health but it feels awesome. Our feet are the most neglected part of our body, yet they bear the brunt of the work. Treat your feet and relax with reflexology. This therapy is also beneficial for those with plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, achy ankles, and general foot pain.

Russian Sports Massage - This is a fantastic massage for athletes, week-end warriors, and those of you who live in a gym. It is a fast paced massage designed to improve circulation, prepare muscles for activity, and increase range of motion. It can be utilized as a both to prepared for physical activity and to help reduce injury risk after physical activity. This massage incorporates resistance stretching and a variety therapeutic techniques.
This massage is available in 30 min. sessions.

Structural Massage - This massage is designed to restructure the muscle tension and turn bad muscle memory into healthy muscle memory. It is performed with deep and slow pressure, and is the best therapy to treat those chronic muscle issues. 

Swedish Massage - Do you just want to unwind and detox from the daily grind? Swedish massage is a gentle to firm massage that removes toxins from the muscle and is all about relaxing.

Trigger Point Therapy (Trp) - Trigger points, also called knots are those pesky little bundles of connective tissue and lactic acid in the muscles. They limit range of motion and can cause shooting pains in the body. This therapy is designed to reduce and remove these points. Focused, gentle to deep pressure is applied to the point until it melts away. This therapy is the best way to release those restricted muscles that cause sharp pains and/or dull and constant muscle aches.

 Couples massage is not available, only back to back appointments.

How To Customize Your Massage

The process is simple, you can choose have 2-3 therapy types to have combined into one session. You can change the combination from one massage to the next to get the exact massage for you. Together we will keep track of your progress so that you know your therapies are working.

Not only can you customize your massage, you can select a care package that makes your massage therapy affordable and as frequent as you need. 

 60 min.

90 min.




For those of you who serve the community (teachers, police, firemen, and military), you will automatically receive a 10% discount on regular massage price. 

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